You can’t out-supplement a stressful life…

Self-care has to be more than swallowing a mouthful of pills twice a day. It all starts with managing your nervous system. This means top-down health and the brain is the top of the system.

When your brain is relaxed and in rest and reset mode, your diet and supplements can work because all body systems are functioning. If your nervous system is on alert, your brain is sending signals to shut down organ functions,

therefore things don’t digest as well,

nutrients don’t absorb as well,

the liver doesn’t detox as well, 

and the immune system can’t protect as well.

You have to get your stress levels in order first.

So how do you manage stress? 

It’s different for each person, and often it can be helpful to have someone help you identify the tactics that are best for your unique situation.

First of all, you want to look at the reels, looping narrative, or repetitive inner dialogue that you are playing in the background of your mind at all times and see if they serve your health goals. We may start with building new reels and adjusting your nervous system at a foundational level so that your own mind isn’t holding you back from making the changes that you want to make in your life.

Once your mindset is one of positive support, it becomes much easier to choose habits and routines that relax your nervous system and help you feel centered and grounded. With an affirming mindset, you can develop mindfulness practices, step back and take breaks, and approach your day from a place of centered calm. You will be able to choose and stick with an exercise program that feels right for you, and that you enjoy. You will feel empowered to choose foods to eat that nourish your whole body.

It can be a huge undertaking to rewrite old habits and make changes. That’s why in the Total Health Reset, we look at your individual lifestyle, AND you have a personal wellness coach/cheerleader to help you maintain your goals, stick to your stress management program, encourage you to take time for yourself, and give you customized acupuncture once a month (if you live locally).

Managing your stress is truly the foundation of the Total Health Reset. The incredibly effective CellCore supplements that do the physical work won’t be able to pull their weight if you aren’t keeping your nervous system relaxed.

Stress management and intentional detox support go hand in hand. 

I am here to help you with both. Reach out to me to learn more about the Total Health Reset!