DETOX V. DRAINAGE: And why you need to know the difference

We all know that by simply living in the modern world we are exposed to a constant barrage of toxic chemicals, microbes, plastics, and pathogens. We do our best by eating organic, filtering our air, using less plastic, taking supplements, etc. And yet, our bodies still get overloaded. This is why ‘detox’ has become such a buzzword. We detox by sweating via exercise or saunas, we detox by fasting, and we detox by taking herbs and supplements. Detoxification is so, so important; it can help us recover from so many conditions and symptoms.

But, there is more to clearing toxins and pathogens than detox; it’s time we talk about drainage. 

Drainage pathways are the routes that the body uses to transport harmful substances out of the body. These pathways need to be open and stay open for detoxification to be effective. If they aren’t open, you will feel sick, feel like you can’t handle detoxing, experience symptoms, and/or have ‘cleansing/healing crises’. Our body’s have a drainage funnel, an order in which the pathways need to be open in order to function properly. I wish I could take credit for the concept of the funnel but I can’t. The docs at CellCore Biosciences taught me about the drainage funnel. It is a key concept in why their protocols are organized into the steps that they are in. 

Anything above the non-functional pathway will get backed up, and nothing below that blocked pathway will work properly either.

The most important part is at the bottom, the colon. If the colon is backed up, then everything above gets backed up. 

Next is the liver and bile ducts. In a functioning drainage funnel, the liver processes toxins and moves them to the bile and into the intestines for excretion. If the colon isn’t flowing, toxins get backed up here and the body opens up the emergency hatch and dumps the toxins into the bloodstream. They then go systemic and cause symptoms and other issues like headaches, fatigue, and skin rashes. The endothelial cells of the kidneys and lungs are also damaged. 

Next in the funnel comes the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system transports nutrients to cells and tissues and removes waste products. It can remove molecules that are larger than those the blood can remove. The lymphatic system is an essential part of our body’s ability to maintain fluid balance and our immune system, not to mention all cellular functions. In order for our organs, tissues, and cells to function, our lymphatic system needs to be draining. The brain has its own system called the glymphatic system that is reliant on the lymph to function. If the brain can’t drain, symptoms like brain fog, headaches, memory issues, and slow thinking can arise. 

Finally, we go to the cellular level, the mitochondria provide the energy that the organs need to properly drain. Think of it like the power switch to the drainage funnel. Supporting mitochondria and drainage at the beginning of any detox protocol is essential for success. This is why I am using CellCore products in the Total Health Reset and other health and detox programs at Fisher Medicine. I want to help each individual in my practice to be successful with their health goals by starting at the root, at the base, and at the foundation.

In addition, to weekly acupuncture, and lifestyle, and stress management coaching, we will be using this framework to detoxify your systems and reset your health from the cellular level. The Total Health Reset is designed to give you lasting results that will support your wellness goals for years to come. Reach out to me to learn more today!